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Personal Shopper service

Shop at and ship Internationally is quite popular merchant with it's one deal a day offers. It also features several smaller stores with T-Shirts, Wine, Toys and Sellout items. The only problem is they don't ship outside of United States.

Your solution is Forwardo. We will forward your purchases to anywhere in the World for great prices. You have options of several carriers and choose the cheapest or fastest according to your needs or budget. Fee for International forwarding is just $9.90 upto 8kg of weight plus actual shipping rate. We have significant savings on Fedex shipping and offer also economy shipping called Fedex IMS for small and light items like cameras or cellphones.

If you are not registered yet, do it now and buy the daily deal in five minutes, have it shipped to your new US address and forwarded later. Your todays Woot deal is just a click away!

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