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Shipping from United States
Content of your mailbox can be shipped out of the U.S. by many ways. Each shipment is individual and for each shipment you can choose more than one optimal carrier. Description of each carrier can be found by click to its name in left menu.

Shipment consolidation
By consolidation we mean packing together two or more shipments from your mailbox into one to reduce its volume and shipping weight and price for shipping. Notes to consolidation enter into form of Outbound Shipment Setup.

If your shipment is for personal use don't forget to ask for removal of shoe boxes and other original cardboard packaging, you can save lots of money this way.

you can see actual table for your destination in Quick Quotes, pick your country there.

Shipping Prices

Fees cena*
fees for consolidation and dispatch of outbound shipment upto 8 kg of weight (18 lbs)
Remail - airmail fowarding of one shipment with USPS PMI, EMI or Fedex $9.90
Media Mail - forwarding of magazines and small envelopes in envelope upto 4 lbs (1.9kg) with USPS PMI flat-rate ENVELOPE $9.90 shipping is $13.45!
consolidated shipment with USPS PMI, EMI, Fedex $19
consolidated shipment with BAX Global/Schenker $45
consolidated shipment by sea with Polonez Parcel $25
fees for consolidation and shipping of shipments with weight over 8kg**
for all carriers, shipments with weight over 8kg + $1 for each kg over

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