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Martha Stewart Weddings
Category: Brides & Weddings

Periodicity: quarterly (issues: 4/ in months: 12)
Price: $27.80 $16.00 $1.66/issue

the first issue arrives in 12-16 weeks
Magazine size/volume ratio: 1.00 ... what is it?

Martha Stewart Weddings received the National Magazine Award for general excellence. Read up on ideas that will help you stay within your budget, guidelines to hiring a florist, and beauty tips for the big day. You will find in each issue a section of worksheets that will help you plan and organize the many vital details of your big day such as your guest list and the catering. The numerous pictures of cake designs and flower arrangements will allow you to see various assortments to decide which suits your taste the best. Readers will find the magazine helpful in choosing a wedding gown and accessories, as well as planning wedding events, such as showers, luncheons and the reception. Each issue is full of ideas for all the little details such as table centerpieces, wedding favors, stationery and invitations. The Ask Martha section gives you an opportunity to get all of your lingering questions answered.

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