currency rates: USD - americk√Ĺ dolar 1USD =  0.86EUR,   1.33AUD,    0.73GBP,    1.24CAD
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Currency Rates
Overview of the most important currencies (for us) - 28.10.2021
Rates are being updated every working day at 10.00 am Pacific US time (GMT -8).

  for 1 US dollar you pay:
  European UnionEuro0.86 EUR
  Czech RepublicCzech Crown22.75 CZK
  DenmarkDanish Crown6.41 DKK
  AustraliaAustralian Dollar1.33 AUD
  JapanYen113.77 JPY
  CroatiaKuna6.48 HRK
  HungaryForint316.01 HUF
  CanadaCanadian Dollar1.24 CAD
  PolandZloty3.97 PLN
  NorwayNorwegian Crown8.36 NOK
  SwitzerlandSwis Frank0.92 CHF
  SwedenSwedish Crown8.61 SEK
  RussiaRussian Ruble67.32 RUB
  United KingdomBritish Pound0.73 GBP
  SerbiaDinar0.00 RSD
  MacedoniaDenar0.00 MKD
  Bosnia and HerzegovinaConvertible Mark0.00 BAM
  RomaniaLeu4.26 RON
  ChinaYuan Renminbi6.18 CNY
  TurkeyLira9.23 TRY
  New ZealandNew Zealand dollar0.00 NZD
currency data last updated on 27.10.2021

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