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Shipping Know How
Several notes and ideas behind selection of carrier for your shipment and given destination.

Carrier selections
Forwardo provides full range of carrier services for your needs. You can pick carrier for your shipment according to size, value, expected speed, security and many more factors.

If you wanna ship letters, DVDs or other envelopes we can recommend forwarding in USPS PMI Flat-Rate Envelope for flat fee of $48.95.
Forwardo fee for these shipments is $9.90
Attention: flat rate envelopes cannot be insured and there is no online tracking provided bz carrier.

For small shipment with several pieces of clothing, shoes or consumer electronics we can offer two options
  1. the most affordable postage USPS First Class Mail, lowest accountable weight is 1 lbs (0.45 kg) and shipping price starts at $12.88 for flat shipments (upto 3/4 inch) or $16.75 for packages
    maximum declared value can be $400
    - there is NO online tracking outside United States
    - shipments can be insured
    - delivery times might be longer in remote areas, approx. 5-10 days in large cities

    - for shipments with weight over 4 lbs you should rather consider sending via USPS Priority Mail International or DHL Express.
  2. small shipments like compact cameras, used cell phones and small stuff can be shipped for flat shipping of $48.95 via USPS PMI Flat-Rate Small Box
    - shipment cannot be tracked
    - shipment can be insured - size of the flat rate box is equal to VHS tape box so the use is limited and it can be used really only for small shipments. But it's cheap.

Next option available is probably the most used USPS Priority Mail International, usage is limited only by physical limitations set by carrier for given destination, for most countries shipment cannot exceed following
  • maximum length 60 inches (152 cm)
  • total girth plus length cannot exceed 108 inch (274cm)
  • maximum weigt of the shipment is 66 lbs (30 kg)
Approximate delivery time is 9-14 days. Delivery time can be affected by customs.

USPS offers flat rates on shipments USPS PMI, that can fit one of special flat rate boxes provided by USPS. Ideal for books and/or heavy auto parts.

- Medium Flat Rate costs $102.55 and pays off from 7 lbs of weight
- Large Flat Rate costs $132.05 and pays off on weight over 9 lbs

With heavy shipments you can save upto 60% on postage!

If you are on tight schedule and need the shipment very fast, you have following two options
  1. USPS Express Mail International, limitations are the same as with USPS PMI above. Service differs by speed of delivery, approx. 3-6 days depending on destination. Price includes automatic insurance in value of $100 and shipment has more detailed tracking.
    EMI (EMS) shipments are being delivered on Sundays too!
  2. DHL Express is suitable for shipments with higher value or where speed is essential.

    For shipments with DHL Express you must keep in mind that for quotes is used volumetric weight, light and big shipments will be more expensive than original quote. To get proper quote, insert dimensions of the shipment.

For shipments of high importance and delivery times upto 3 days use DHL Express

For large shipments to the most of European countries we offer sea cargo option Polonez Parcel Service, it's suitable for large and heavy shipments. Delivery times are long, about 6-10 weeks but for some shipments is this service completely unreplacable.

Shipment consolidation
our guys will take good care of proper packaging of your shipment set from more than one shipment in your Mailbox, masters in puzzles and tetris. While setting up the shipment you must keep in mind certain limitations that wouldn§t cross your mind unless you see the packages personally.
  • Weight and fragility - when you are shipping spare parts for your Cadillac, don't mix brake pads with headlights. It might seem logical now but we solve this problem several times a week and it doesn't matter how properly you pack it because handling by carrier and gravity will sooner or later cause that brakepads will take a look where are bulbs hiding..
  • Length and volume - if you combine in one shipment samurai sword and rubber ball for excercising, belive me, it doesn't match. The volume of shipment will reach limits of postal services or will inflate shipping price a lot because huge light package equals expensive shipping.

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