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Dachser Cargo
(air and sea cargo)

In cooperation with German spedition Dachser we can offer air and sea cargo for commercial shipments. This kind of transportation is not intended for personal shipping and there are numerous fees incurred on the way.

For shipping of personal shipments upto 150 lbs we recommend Fedex Air Economy, shipments over 150 lbs that cannot be splited in two or more smaller shipments can be dispatched with Fedex Air Freight, quotes are provided per request. Contact Customer Support for that.

Dachser Introduction
Air cargo is carried by airlines Lufthansa and/or Cargo Lux. Delivery times are approx. 10 work days. Good shipping prices can be reached over 100 kg of weight, but the price charge isn't final there are other charges incurred upon delivery like manipulation, warehouse storage, customs and delivery to the final address. That's why we provide only basic info and each shipment is handled on demand basis. But we can mostly replace these services by cheaper option.

All air cargo shipments are scanned by X-Ray prior to loading to the aircraft.
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