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Standard Account
This is a starter account mostly for new customers who want to
  • try our services
  • do just one-time shopping
  • use our non-shipping services

  • There are no monthly payments, you pay fees for inbound and outbound shipments only
    account setup fee $5.00
    monthly fee $0.00
    fee for inbound shipment
    (large envelope, package)*
    fee for inbound magazine $0.00
    fee for outbound shipment
    (upto 8kg/18lbs of weight)
    fee for outbound shipment
    (weight over 8kg/18lbs of weight)
    $7.00 + $1.00 for each additional kg over 8kg
    fee for outbound media mail
    (magazines only)**
    $1.00 per magazine (example: 3 magazines in shipment = $3.00)
    personal shopper service 5% of purchase price (minimum $5.00)
    prepaid storage time-limit for packages 30 days
      setup Standard Account now

    * inbound shipment fee covers recording of shipment and storage in Mailbox for max.30 days. Shipments not shipped out within 30 days are subject of storage fee $5.00 per each 30 days of additional storage time.

    ** media mail is intended for magazine subscriptions only. Magazines can be stored for max. 365 days

    get your Standard Account now!

    You can upgrade to Premium Account or Gold Account anytime you feel it will save you money on continuous shopping and shipping.

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