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National Geographic Kids
Category: Children's

Periodicity: monthly (issues: 10/ in months: 12)
Price: $39.50 $24.95 $3.83/issue
 Bonus points: 5.00 ... what are bonus points?

the first issue arrives in 6-10 weeks
Magazine size/volume ratio: 1.00 ... what is it?

The mission of National Geographic Kids is "to entertain children while educating and exciting them about their world." Geared toward children ages 6 to 14, National Geographic Kids is an interactive, multi-topic magazine covering animals, entertainment, science, technology, current events, and cultures from around the world. Regular departments include "Inside Scoop," "Amazing Animals," a kids' achievement feature, and a colorful seven-page "Fun Stuff" section devoted to challenging games, puzzles, comics, and more.

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