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Fedex Air International

We have signed a deal with Fedex with great prices all over the World for you. Prices we can offer are almost as good as shipping with USPS but with almost uncomparable level of service. This is your alternative to ship content of your mailbox to your home address.

Fedex delivers shipments faster than USPS and is able to ship packages exceeding weight and dimensional limitations of USPS. Also customs proceedings are faster and easier than with postal service in many countries.

On the positive side we can also add detailed tracking of all shipments with estimated delivery times and very friendly support in case of problems.

Lets take a look at services offered:

Fedex International Priority

the fastest and the most expensive service, offers delivery in 2-6 days depending on target destination.

Shipments are being processed through customs by Fedex officers and they are being delivered to recipient by Fedex trucks. All shipments provide detailed tracking from pickup to delivery.

Maximum dimensions 330 cm sum of length and girth of the box, also maximum length cannot exceed 274 cm. Maximum weight of the shipment cannot exceed 150 pounds.

Price of the shipment is based on volumetric weight, to get the correct volmetric weight use formula length + width + depth (in inches) / 166. If this value is higher than actual weight of the shipment, you will be charged based on vlumetric weight.

Fedex International Economy

is based on same principles as International Priority, but there is difference in delivery times, usually 7-9 work days and prices are much lower either. Limitations and customs processing is the same as with International Priority.

Handling of Fedex shipments in Forwardo

When you close your new outbound shipment you will be offered shipping price based on acutal weight of the shipment. If consolidated shipment has higher volumetric weight you will be informed prior to dispatch about the new shipment price and also offered alternatives and prices to ship out your shipment. After you confirm changes your shipment will be dispatched.

Fedex Air MPS
(Multi Package Shipments)

Fedex offers also multi package shipments (on contrary USPS counts each parcel as one shipment) where you can save significant amounts of money on shipments that can be successfully consolidated into one package. Only limitation is that sum of all weights cannot exceed 150 lbs. Volume of all shipments is counted as one and it can result in very interesting savings. All packages in one shipment are considered as one shipment and only one customs declaration is issued.

MPS can be used for either Economy or Priority service

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